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"The Ethics of the Cosmos" – is an international public organization for the promotion of peaceful existence in outer space, the main goal of which is to assist all Humankind in a new commitment to become a moral, peaceful, ethical, global civilization, moving toward fulfilling our Cosmic purpose as the only force on Earth, in the Solar System, and in the Galaxy itself that can accomplish what we humans must do.

At the first stage of the organization's formation, until its official registration with the accession to the UN Treaty, it will take the form of an international social movement started to draw the attention of the public, as well as the leadership of all countries of the world, to the fact that Humanity is not alone in the Universe, and that this fact requires a review of the structure and organization of activities in almost all spheres of human life.

Find out about the rationale of the organization in the document

"The Ethics of the Cosmos: Preamble".

To know more about the relevance of the organization, its purpose and objectives read the document

"The Ethics of the Cosmos: Declaration".

The scientific and theoretical basis that has become the basis for all programs and projects of "The Ethics of the Cosmos" movement is summarized in the document "Conception of the Living Universe".

One of the Projects that "The Ethics of the Cosmos" will be implementing is the creation of a new and unique Production-Industrial Complex in near-Earth Space.