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We, the initiators of the creation of "The Ethics of the Cosmos" non-governmental organization, invite you to take part in a venture, which can have a decisive impact on the evolution of Humanity and its future – to manifest a new and unique Production-Industrial Complex in Near-Earth Space.

The creation of this Complex outside the Earth will help fulfill two of the main aspirations of Humanity: to live and work together peacefully, healthily and happily on our home planet and to also go beyond the Earth into Outer Space for the benefits and opportunities for all sacred life.

Competition for resources is one of the main causes of endless wars. Earth's resources are limited, so they will obviously eventually be exhausted. However, as you may know, there are sources of minerals in the Solar System with a capacity many orders of magnitude greater than all available resources on Earth. Asteroids! (According to preliminary estimates, one small asteroid contains resources worth 3-4 trillion US dollars.) Shifting focus from the resources of our planet to the infinitely greater resources available on asteroids will change the dynamics of relationships within Humanity, and our interaction with our planet by directing the creative energies of people into Outer Space.

This new international cooperative Production-Industrial Complex will become the physical materialization of the creative energy of people and the base for travel into Outer Space and for development of the planets of the Solar System

This Complex will also make it possible to stimulate economies and change the structure of financing for the Military-Industrial Complex by emphasizing expanded world cooperative civil, commercial, military and entrepreneurial space ventures that maintain the use of scientific and technical applications. Cooperation in space will increase funding for Space Agencies and programs as well as create new businesses and industries.

Naturally, the implementation of such a grand Project will first require a change in perception from an Earth-bound limited geocentric vision to a large-scale cosmic vision.

If you are interested in our offer, we are ready and look forward to discussing details, tactics and strategy for the implementation of this historic Project. Contact us and join "The Ethics of the Cosmos" Project to lead all of humanity into a future of unprecedented dreams being fulfilled!

Make tomorrow better than today.